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About Us

Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. was established to help hospitals and surgery centers make the Perioperative environment more efficient and effective, the best it can be from both a clinical excellence and financial profitability perspective. Recognition of the need for this type of service came from experience, from an operating room leader who had been in the trenches and recognized the challenges hospitals face in bringing their operating room services to full potential.

Identifying the Problem
Perioperative services can be one of the most profitable departments in a hospital and can account for a significant portion of the facility’s revenue when managed efficiently. The key to achieving effective operations begins with finding the right leadership, and that is a challenging goal given:

  • A high vacancy rate for surgery services directors and managers
  • Lack of succession planning for future operating room leadership
  • A limited pool of perioperative leaders with well-developed abilities to manage all aspects of surgical service operations effectively because of:
    • Limitations of prepared education in nursing school
    • Imbalance of clinical and business management skills
    • Lack of leadership mentoring in hospitals

Doing Something About It
Knowing the need exists for a solid organization that can support hospitals in refining and improving their surgical services operations management, Paul Wafer, RN, MBA, put his 25 years of operating room experience on the line. Along with business-savvy Michelle Landa, BS, the two combined their healthcare expertise to co-found Alpha Consulting Group, Inc.

The organization began by providing perioperative consulting services, but it quickly became apparent that there was a great need for interim leaders. Expansion came quickly by adding interim leadership to our services.

Today, Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. is a full-service organization that goes beyond the operating room to help in many areas of hospital operations.

Our Mission
Alpha Consulting Group, Inc., seeks to provide practical, operational strategies to healthcare organizations through solid evaluation and research.
We will devote our resources to improving the quality, efficiency and profitability to those we serve.

About Us

Our Values

Quality – The development of good systems and the reduction of errors is our primary concern.
Value – Good systems are those that are simple, efficient, reproducible and not resource intensive.
Service – We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.