Perioperative and
Emergency Services Specialists

Perioperative Education & Training

The Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. Center for Healthcare Education handles your OR education for you. We provide your hospital  with a standardized approach to perioperative education that ensures one consistent level of care in all invasive procedure areas. Your doctors, nurses and patients can count on the quality, and you can count on a cost-effective approach to achieving your goals. One flat rate per day will provide you with OR education that meets established guidelines and offers your registered nurses the knowledge and skills they need to achieve your quality goals. You have no full time educator salary, no benefits to pay, no cost for the development of the programs and guaranteed-relevant classes each month. Even if you already have an in-house educator, this service supports their work and allows you to offer a more comprehensive educational program at a minimal cost.

The Process:
Didactic Education, Validation and Documentation
There are three elements to the Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. Center for Healthcare Education process, which incorporates classroom training, learning validation and results reporting. We customize the scheduling so it works for you.

  • Didactic Education: Our professional healthcare educator provides a formal didactic presentation for your staff at a location of your choosing on your hospital campus. If the department has a specific time set aside for in-service education, all staff can be trained at the same time. If not, the educator will provide the class multiple times throughout the day in order to reach the majority of the department’s staff.
  • Validation: Our educator will spend a significant amount of time observing your staff in the operating room after the classroom training to ensure they are able to incorporate the newly-acquired skills into everyday practice. Depending on the size of your facility, this will happen either the same day of the classes or the next day.  Any variances in practice are identified and corrected immediately.
  • Documentation: At the end of the education and validation period, we provide the department with a report that documents all who attended the program and all those whose practice has been validated, meeting regulatory agency requirements for documentation. If the educator cannot validate everyone in the department, he or she will work with the director to identify someone internally who has the skills to validate the remainder of the staff.

A Price to Fit Your Budget
The fee for this service is based on a daily rate, and most small- to medium-sized facilities usually require one to two educational days per month. For an even greater savings, multiple departments can participate in the same education program at your discretion. This is significantly less than the cost of salary and benefits for a full-time educator and ensures your staff will receive the latest information that meets the appropriate professional guidelines.


Case In Point:
Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. was called in when a client had a string of multiple sentinel events in their operating room. The assessment identified the need for intensive education focused on the Recommended Practices of AORN. Our education department was able to provide several days of focused education and validation through both testing and observation to ensure compliance with standard