Perioperative and
Emergency Services Specialists

Emergency and Trauma Operational Assessment & Consulting

Alpha Consulting Group, Inc., offers a comprehensive assessment of your Emergency Department that includes a thorough review and evaluation of the service provided to your patients and their families in the E.D. Because Emergency Departments have become such complex and fast paced clinical care environments, this broad and balanced assessment process is an excellent place to start if you aren’t sure of the source of your problems, or if you believe your E.D. has opportunity for improved performance in meeting key organizational metrics or improving clinical outcomes.

During this review, our highly skilled and experienced professionals will assess all aspects of the department’s clinical operations, from the time a patient first walks through the doors of the E.D. until the patient is discharged, admitted or transferred. This comprehensive assessment also includes an evaluation of the relationships between employees and physicians, other key departments within the hospital, financial performance of the department, and identification of gaps that contribute to lower than expected outcomes in publically reported quality measures.

In the end, you will have a focused report of identified issues accompanied by recommendations for resolution, enhancement, or improvement.

Alpha Consulting doesn’t stop there, however. We are prepared to help you turn those evidence based recommendations into a workable and achievable action plan. Our experienced team will be available to help support and guide your positive change implementation efforts.

ED Physician Services

If the initial assessment indicates the need for a more in-depth evaluation of the medical services provided in the Emergency Department, Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. has the value added ability to provide a team of experienced emergency physicians to provide that kind of focused review. Our physician partners are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and possess strong backgrounds as physician leaders who create clinical care environments that meet or exceed the highest standards for quality, safety, risk management and patient outcomes.

Trauma Services

Is your hospital a designated trauma facility at either a state or national level? Trauma care is a highly specialized clinical event overlaid with unique compliance and reporting criteria. Many facilities find maintaining compliance with the trauma designation criteria to be challenging. Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. can provide you with a detailed gap analysis of your trauma program completed by a healthcare professional who previously served as the Clinical Nursing Director of Emergency and Trauma Services at an American College of Surgeons verified Level I Trauma Center.

Management Development and Interim Management

Informal surveys and studies suggest that E.D. leadership positions, from Charge Nurse to Director, are some of the toughest roles to fill in healthcare. Often organizations unintentionally overlook assessing the professional health and vitality of the E.D. leadership team on a regular basis. Have you objectively assessed the organizational climate of your E.D. leadership team recently? A leadership climate assessment can be useful at any time, but is particularly valuable when members of your E.D. leadership team are new to their respective roles. They may also be new to leadership responsibilities in general. New leaders often experience difficulty, both individually and collectively, adjusting and adapting to the multiple complex demands placed on them by hospital leadership, as well as consulting physicians, E.D. staff members, patients ranging from newborns to the frail elderly and their families, other departments of the hospital, regulatory agencies, multiple pre-hospital care providers, and law enforcement agencies, just to name a few. Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. professionals can take the temperature of your E.D. leadership climate and assess the need for additional mentoring, training, or leadership skill development. If your E.D. leadership is in transition, Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. can provide you with a transitional leader to move your E.D. forward until a new permanent leader is recruited.