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Surgical Services Information Systems

Have you spent thousands on a perioperative information system only to have it under-utilized and unable to give you the information you need?  Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. will assess the current status of your system, provide you with a plan to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and assist with implementing the plan.

Case in Point

  • Getting All the Benefit: At one facility, the surgery department had done a good job of inputting the appropriate information, but had not set up systems to ensure that preference lists were updated routinely.  Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. simply set in place a policy and procedure, a flow diagram, and a mechanism to track the number of updates on a monthly basis. In the end, the department had the efficient system they had anticipated.
  • Understanding the Capabilities: Another Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. client was collecting surgical data but was not using it to manage the department.  Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. worked with the surgery department leader and others to ensure there was a specific list of routine reports generated on a monthly basis. 
Information Systems