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Interim Surgery Management

At Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. our experience tells us it takes four to six months to replace a surgery department director and may take longer to recruit a manager. Currently the vacancy rate for perioperative services leadership throughout the country ranges from 10 to 25 percent, depending on the facility location. The answer may be an interim surgery management director to provide stability and direction for the department until a permanent replacement can be found.

Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. has a number of extremely well-qualified directors available for interim surgery management at your facility. Typically, the surgery department leaders we work with have at least 10 years of management experience, as well as an advanced degree. 

To ensure the quality of our candidates, we thoroughly interview and screen our interim surgery management directors, perform background checks and check references.  Many of our directors have significant experience and are at a point in their careers where they prefer the challenges presented in an interim surgery management assignment.

And while the department continues to move forward, Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. is happy to provide as much or as little support as you need. Visit our Career Opportunities Page.

Interim Management