Perioperative and
Emergency Services Specialists

Management Mentoring

Mentoring is a proven process for bringing out the potential in young or inexperienced leaders.  But how do you identify a mentor when it’s nearly impossible to find qualified surgery department leaders in the first place?
Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. was formed by a seasoned perioperative professional and hospital executive, and because he believes strongly in the leadership potential that exists and is not being tapped, a mentoring service was one of his first goals for the organization.

Tapping into Potential
If you have someone within the Surgery Department who may be leadership material, but needs additional grooming, Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. can help by providing in-person mentoring and phone consultation.

Mentoring a Manager
Sometimes new surgery department managers need someone they can talk to, bounce ideas off and get advice on operational issues.  They may also need help in deciding how to deal with a personnel issue or how to approach a physician. 
Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. can provide new managers with an experienced surgery department director/mentor who can coach them through the learning curve they will face.  We can even provide an executive coach to help them develop their management style and approach from the very beginning.