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Perioperative Client Services

Alpha Consulting Group, Inc., provides a full range of consulting services to help you address everything from resolution of individual issues to completion of a full assessment of your perioperative operations. Our goal is to do whatever is necessary to help you make your surgical services the best they can be from both a clinical excellence and financial profitability perspective.

We are known for our hands-on approach and our ability to get right down to the issue, to find results-oriented, practical approaches and simple, efficient, reproducible solutions that are not resource intensive. We help you identify surgical services solutions that work for you, your clinical staff and physicians, patients and their families. And beyond identification of the problems, we help you fix them, offering the support you need to implement change.

Here’s what Alpha Consulting Group offers you:

  • Operational Assessment and Consulting: This comprehensive assessment of your perioperative operations includes a thorough review of the services you provide to your patients, their families, the physicians and employees. Learn More
  • Interim Surgery Management: If you want the best qualified surgical services leadership but don’t have time to get through the process needed to find him or her, ask about Alpha Consulting Group’s, Inc. interim management solution. Learn More
  • Project Implementation & Management: We not only make recommendations for change, we provide the manpower to make the change occur and hardwire it to your organization. Learn More
  • Surgical Services Information Systems: If your expensive perioperative information system is underutilized, it’s time to do something about it. Learn how to gain the efficiencies you thought were there when the system was installed. Learn More
  • Management Mentoring: There is a severe shortage of qualified nurse leaders to fill perioperative services management positions, but sometimes all that’s needed is guidance and reassurance. Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. can be there for your new managers and/or potential leaders. Learn More
  • Sterile Processing: We will review the entire sterile processing continuum and recommend operational changes that will ensure that you have consistent, reproducible procedures in all areas. Learn More
  • Surgical Site Infections: We will analyze all operations that can influence surgical site infections and recommend prevention strategies for the environment, techniques and practices. Learn More
  • Perioperative Education & Training: We can take care of those constant requests for more educational support. Learn More

Meeting Your Needs
Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. are Perioperative Services & Invasive Procedure Specialists. We offer you practical approaches to fix operational problems that lead to positive results. It doesn’t matter if it is a small problem or a large one, we are here to help!

All fees are based on the size and complexity of the organization and project. We pledge to provide our clients with excellent value and great return on your investment.